Community Projects & Initiatives

From here you can explore the various projects to see what is happening today and what the future looks like for the City of Morgan Hill. Take the opportunity to become engaged! Help shape the direction of the City in which you live, work, or just play.

Not all of these projects are City-led projects, but all will have some impact on the City:

  • Anderson Dam Seismic Studies, A Valley Water District Project
    Earthquake retrofitting of Anderson Dam to improve reliability and safety
  • Commercial and Residential Development
    Project status reports with summary information regarding current development in Morgan Hill
  • Community Based Transportation Plan (PDF)
    The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA); through funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, initiated a Community-Based Transportation Plan, report completed May 2021. 
  • Valley Water Flood Control Project
    The Upper Llagas Creek Flood Prevention Project will address stormwater conveyance infrastructure for the Upper Llagas Creek Watershed, including the West Little Llagas Creek through Morgan Hill.
  • Hale Avenue Extension
    Construction is underway as of mid 2021. Regular updates are posted on the Hale Avenue Extension webpage.
  • High Speed Rail
    The California High Speed Rail Authority is the State Agency responsible for the planning, design, and construction of the California High Speed Rail system intended to connect the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, then eventually from Sacramento to San Diego.
  • Magical Bridge Playground in Community Park
    Located in Community Park, the park welcomes visitors of all ages and abilities, the first inclusive playground in the South County area.
  • Minimum Wage
    For employees and businesses in Morgan Hill, there is no local ordinance for minimum wage. The minimum wage in Morgan Hill is based on the State of California minimum wage.
  • Monterey Road/Complete Streets
    Due to the COVID-19 crisis and requests from local business owners, the Morgan Hill City Council will be, once again, reviewing the potential of converting Monterey Road through the downtown to an alternative configuration. This includes the potential of reducing the lanes running through the downtown.   
  • Pavement Rehabilitation Program
    The City’s ongoing Pavement Rehabilitation Program is intended to address the City’s pavement rehabilitation needs. Locations for maintenance are selected based on Pavement Management Program (PMP) data, resident feedback, and field observations from Street Maintenance crews.
  • Proposition 64 & Cannabis Regulations
    California voters approved Proposition 64, which is the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), on November 8, 2016, allowing for the recreational possession, sale, and use of marijuana. 
  • Broadband
    Various information on broadband related issues and matters impacting Morgan Hill.